Asakuka in Persona 5

Asakusa is a location in the series.


Asakusa (浅草) is a district in Taitō, Tokyo, Japan, most famous for the Sensō-ji, a Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon. There are several more temples in Asakusa, as well as various festivals.

For most of the twentieth century, Asakusa was the major entertainment district in Tokyo. The golden years of Asakusa are vividly portrayed in Kawabata's novel 'The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa' (1930; English translation, 2005). In its role as a pleasure district, it has now been surpassed by Shinjuku and other colorful areas of the city.


Shin Megami Tensei III: NocturneEdit

In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Asakusa is the birthplace of the Manikins. They were made from the mud in a river flowing in Mifunashiro. The Manikins actively try to restore their town, while Futomimi spends his time in Mifunashiro meditating about the Manikins' future and trying to create a Reason for his people. After Jyoji Hijiri is killed in the Amala Temple, Chiaki and her followers invade the town and proceed to massacre the Manikins and steal their Magatsuhi, summoning her demonic sponsor, Baal Avatar.

Persona 5Edit

Asakusa is one of the hangout locations available in the Tokyo map. It is unlocked after Lovers Arcana Confidant (Ann Takamaki) has reached rank 7. The protagonist can hang out with his Confidants by visiting Nakamise Street and Sky Tower which are located there.

Persona 5 The AnimationEdit

In the anime adaptation of the game, Ren and his friends visited the Sky Tower for the first time after Sojiro Sakura gave tickets to them after helping Futaba.


Note: The bold items can only be obtained during a full Kagutsuchi phase in treasure chests.


Level Race Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
3 Jirae Kodama 20 21 Fire Force - - - Zan, Dia
5 Jirae Hua Po 50 30 Ice Fire - - - Rakukaja, Agi, Maragi
13 Jirae Sudama 96 60 Fire Force - - - Makakaja, Mazan, Kamikaze
13 Beast Inugami 132 60 Force - Fire/Death - - Rakunda, Feral Bite, Panic Voice
18 Beast Nekomata 156 90 Elec - - Force - Marin Karin, Feral Claw, Stun Needle
28 Foul Black Ooze 264 111 Elec/Expel Phys Death - - Deathtouch, Panic Voice, Mute Gaze, Gathering (Black Ooze)
28 Haunt Pisaca 270 114 Fire - Death/Curse/Mind - - Venom Bite, Stun Gaze, Sonic Wave, Life Drain, Gathering (Pisaca)
31 Wilder Nue 258 120 Fire - Ice/Death - - War Cry, Stun Claw, Ice Breath, Mamudo, Dark Howl (Nue)
32 Femme Shikome 246 144 Fire Mind Curse/Nerve - - Stun Needle, Stone Gaze, Laughter (Shikome)
34 Beast Orthrus 340 129 Ice - - Fire - Stun Claw, Fire Breath, War Cry, Fire Boost
35 Jirae Sarutahiko 392 126 Nerve - Death/Expel - - Counter, Focus, Berserk, Hell Thrust, Dragon Eye, Beast Eye

Level Race Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
11 Divine Angel 108 54 Force/Death - - - Expel Hama, Dia
18 Divine Archangel 156 72 Ice/Death - - - Expel Tarukaja, Diarama, Mighty Gust, Hama
28 Divine Principality 222 120 Death/Mind - - - Expel Diarama, Hamaon, Heat Wave

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