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"I look forward to the successful completion of your mission."
—Arthur's catchphrase

Arthur is a character appearing in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.



Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Arthur is the AI onboard the Red Sprite, in charge of managing systems and relaying data. During the initial attack on the Red Sprite, Arthur's systems are hacked by an unknown source and the Demon Summoning Program is distributed to the crew's Demonicas. After the death of Commander Gore, Arthur assumes command of the Red Sprite and organizes the continuation of the mission in the Schwarzwelt, accruing data and intelligence.

After the Red Sprite's crew leaves Sector Eridanus, The Three Wise Men attack the ship, sending it careening into Sector Fornax. They show the crewmen a vision and ask them to consult Arthur on the information they have dispensed to him, somewhat derisively calling him a "ghost cast in circuits."

He retains this role unchallenged until the arrival at Sector Horologium, where depending upon the choices of the protagonist, the Red Sprite's computers will be damaged during the tussle with Commander Gore's Ubergestalt form, and he will choose to delete its personality matrix rather than allow the catastrophic loss of valuable survival and transportation programs in the Law and Chaos routes.

Conversely, he will receive much of Gore's accumulated wisdom, allowing him to shape up a plan to obliterate the dimension and stave off the impending apocalypse in the Neutral route. At the very end of this route, Arthur decides not to return to Earth with the Red Sprite's crew, believing humanity would come to misuse the immense supernatural knowledge he'd accumulated, coming to worship him. Instead, he remains to destroy the Schwarzwelt from within, downloading his personality matrix into the bomb's core to ensure its detonation, stating humanity should never lose control over its own destiny. The protagonist will bequeath the "brilliance" Gore bestowed upon him to Arthur, allaying his fears and allowing him to finish the mission. Arthur was last seen plunging with the bomb into the core of the Schwarzwelt in this scenario. In the New Neutral route, he allies with the protagonist as they both finish the mission by heading into the core of the Schwarzwelt.

In the ending of the New Neutral route, a hundred and fifty years after the protagonist and Arthur stopped the Schwarzwelt, Arthur and the protagonist now remain on the moon. Arthur detects the Schwarzwelt's seventh formation and asks the protagonist if he feels human. Nonetheless, Arthur assigns the protagonist to destroy the Schwarzwelt and watches the protagonist depart from the moon, Alex's ring lying in front of him.

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