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Ariake (有明) is a location in the series.


Meaning Dawn or Daybreak, it is a district found in the Koto ward of Tokyo. Several towns in Japan also shared the name at one point, but all have eventually merged with other towns.



Megami Tensei II[]

Ariake is the first town the party comes to after emerging from the Shinagawa-Ariake Underpass after defeating the Jabberwocky. In addition to a Junk Shop, there are various places for the protagonist to gamble:

  • A colosseum - win macca if one of the protagonist's demons can defeat challengers.
  • Slots - win macca and items if the jackpot is hit.
  • Big & Small - win macca, in increasing multipliers, and after enough wins, a Metal Card, Amethyst, Magic Source, Cape, Butterfly Cloak or Phantom Cloak, after 3-8 consecutive wins respectively
  • Code Breaker - prizes of note - 2nd: Butterfly Cloak; 4th: Amethyst

Additionally, there is a Bar and a Dream Drugstore.


Megami Tensei II[]

Item Effect Price
Poison Dart Damages and Poisons the enemy. ћ580
Dangerous Drug Casts Hapilma ћ100
Hand Grenade Casts Zan ћ50
Paralynon Cures Paralyze ћ450
Poisonon Cures Poison ћ400

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