Ariake (有明) is a location in the series.


Meaning Dawn or Daybreak, it is a district found in the Koto ward of Tokyo. Several towns in Japan also shared the name at one point, but all have eventually merged with other towns.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

Ariake is the first town the party comes to after emerging from the Shinagawa-Ariake Underpass after defeating the Jabberwocky. In addition to a Junk Shop, there are various places for the protagonist to gamble:

  • A colosseum - win macca if one of the protagonist's demons can defeat challengers.
  • Slots - win macca and items if the jackpot is hit.
  • Big & Small - win macca, in increasing multipliers, and after enough wins, a Metal Card, Amethyst, Magic Source, Cape, Butterfly Cloak or Phantom Cloak, after 3-8 consecutive wins respectively
  • Code Breaker - prizes of note - 2nd: Butterfly Cloak; 4th: Amethyst

Additionally, there is a Bar and a Dream Drugstore.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Item Effect Price
Poison Dart Damages and Poisons the enemy. ћ580
Dangerous Drug Casts Hapilma ћ100
Hand Grenade Casts Zan ћ50
Paralynon Cures Paralyze ћ450
Poisonon Cures Poison ћ400

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