The real Argilla is the woman upon which the AI Argilla was based upon.

Appearances Edit

Design Edit

The real Argilla is shown briefly in a typical white nurse's outfit and has blond hair instead of pink.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be flirtatious with her coworkers, and is regarded as a kind person by many who knew her. Real Argilla shares the AI bearing her name's friendliness, her slight flirtations and her reluctance to kill.

However, she is a much weaker person than AI Argilla, having been manipulated into murder by Serph Sheffield and then refusing to take responsibility for her actions. In contrast, AI Argilla quickly learns the harsh realities of killing others, and eventually finds acceptance in the Junkyard.

Profile Edit

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Edit

She worked as a nurse in the Karma Society's God Project under Heat O'Brien. However, she is brainwashed by Serph Sheffield into becoming his spy on Heat. When Heat later pulls a gun on Serph, she betrays her boss and shoots Heat in the back, although she is clearly shaken up by her own actions.

She is devoured by Serph after he is transformed into Real Varuna, and her data is sent to the sun where she can be found still trying to justify her foolish actions by arguing her feelings for Serph. It is hinted that the Real Argilla felt jealous over Serph's attention to Sera.

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