Aoi Hasegawa is a character mentioned in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.



Aoi Hasegawa lived with her husband, Zenkichi and their daughter Akane. However, two years prior the events of Scramble, Aoi was murdered after being hit by a car. In reality, the incident was orchestrated by Jun Owada. Though Zenkichi tried to investigate the truth, he was forced to back out after being blackmailed, threatening his daughter's life if he proceeds with the pursuit, knowing that he would otherwise cross the incredibly dangerous Masayoshi Shido's path.

Due to the incident, Akane has grown to become resentful of Zenkichi, partly also because he used to consider her as a burden, and she was more often than not left alone at home, where she becomes fervent with the Phantom Thieves solely because she thought that they would crush the Police.


Aoi's first name (葵) means "hollyhock", while Hasegawa (長谷川) means "long valley river."


  • Aoi died at the 14th of August.

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