"A machine is created for a purpose. Mine is to defeat you, I exist for nothing else."
—Aigis, Persona 3

The Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon (対シャドウ特別制圧兵装, Tai shadou tokubetsu seiatsu heisou)? is a type of android and Persona User that appears in the Persona series.



The Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons were constructed by the Kirijo Group as a part of their experiments on Shadows, created to wield a Persona and do battle with Shadows.

Persona 3Edit

Aigis is the only Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon that appears in Persona 3. Shuji Ikutsuki states that Aigis is the only one left. It is stated that the Anti-Shadow Weapons were crafted in the shape of a human so that they would develop a human ego and gain the ability to wield a Persona. The personality module, which generates the personality, ego, and power of the Anti-Shadow Weapon, contains two equally-sized Plumes of Dusk crossed into a butterfly shape called a Papillon Heart.

The AnswerEdit

Metis appears as the sister unit of Aigis. It is later revealed that she isn't an Anti-Shadow weapon at all, but the manifestation of the emotions that Aigis discarded after the death of the protagonist.

Persona 4 ArenaEdit

Aigis and Labrys are playable characters in Persona 4 Arena. It is revealed in Persona 4 Arena that the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons were created and tested on Yakushima, and were given "souls" by having a Plume of Dusk implanted within their personality modules. Due to lacking the technology to create a personality from scratch at the beginning of the project, the generations of Anti-Shadow Weapons prior to generation seven had their personalities based on the personality of a girl who allowed herself to be used in the experiments in order to be useful despite her illness.

In order to gather test data to develop later generations, the earlier generations of Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons were made to fight not against Shadows, but against each other. After their destruction, the memories of the units are transferred to the surviving unit, a practice that would continue even after the later generations of Anti-Shadow Weapons moved on to fight against actual Shadows.

Persona x Detective NaotoEdit

This light novel reveals Genesis, the final Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon developed by the Kirijo Group and designed by Yuri Kurogami under the supervision of Tetsuma Tsuge as a countermeasure against the seventh generation. His development was realized in secret, which is why Shuji Ikutsuki did not know about him.


  • As stated by Aigis in Persona 4 Arena, Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons are not able to consume food or drinks due to the fact that they don't have that function built in them.
  • While she is not technically an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, Sousei Kurogami (Genesis) does have a "sister" named Ai Kurogami who is a humanoid robot similar in appearance to other Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons.

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