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Another Bible is a game in the Last Bible series. It was released exclusively in Japan, but an English translation patch was released for the game in 2002 by Aeon Genesis.

In 2008, BBMF remade the game for mobile devices.


On the planet of Granas a voice suddenly is urging beasts to fight back against humans, despite having lived in peace for so long. Cassiel, who lost his parents, decides to set on a journey around the world and runs into a girl named Pythia being attacked by thieves.  Rescuing her, they meet Wylde, Pythia's servant, and they continue on the journey. They also learn about beings named Feeda, who can control beast directly. Defeating a local bandit named Stras, he decides to join and help the group to get a leg up on the battle, searching for Magnes Stones.

Throughout they also meet a mysterious man named T, who reiterates for them to find the Magnes Stones. Later T also leads the group towards a Feeda town past a volcano. But in a mine in the volcano they find a robot named Protoclay who says they are protecting a Shrine Maiden and that they should seek out Mahya, the creator. On the way they confirm that Pythia is the shrine maiden, but is also a Feeda who had been sent into hiding because of her role. It is also revealed that there are 3 Saints destined to protect her, two of which are Wylde and Alta. They are then told to seek out Vivahti and stop him. But after defeating him, he simply disappears.

Mahamahya tower takes them to where the Creator is, but nearby is also a gate to the machine world. Vivahti had created the Beast Cult blaming humans for the machines. Vivahti's world is a possible future and was destroyed by the machines with few humans left, so he plans on using the Bible that controls reality to kill humanity to prevent the machines from being made. Getting the final Magnes, Mahya bestows a powerful sword and the group heads to the machine world of Irinol.

There they meet T who was Tav, the third Saint to protect Pythia, who reveals that he is already dying and wants to fight a worthy opponent, testing them before they fight Vivahti. Finally killing Vivahti, they confront the parasitic Another Bible and are able to defeat it, returning the Bible to its normal form. Pythia then returns to the Feeda village to watch over the world. If all characters are recruited, a post credits scene shows what they all are doing and then ends with them all once again reuniting.


A tactical RPG, Another Bible takes cues more from the Majin Tensei series than the previous Last Bible games. The heroine can speak to demons and is the method used to recruit them.


Playable Characters[]

  • Cassiel
  • Pythia
  • Wylde
  • Hera
  • Stras
  • Freon
  • Alta
  • Rei
  • Reenfa
  • Spika - A girl with magic powers who's looking for her big sister, Sepia. Starts with high speed and luck and can learn Allheal.
  • Esther
  • Ozone
  • Sepia - She left home to fight Vivahti's cult, Spika's older sister. Her technique allows her to steal enemy hp.
  • Clay - A robot from the future who is friendly towards humans. He is the leader of a small group of machines with similar views, can be recruited as a secret character

Other Characters[]

  • Mahya - God of Granas.
  • Tav
  • Vivahti
  • Nezpit
  • ProtoClay
  • Inazoh
  • Master Oopie
  • Lilith - Hera's sister, became a member of the cult and could not be convinced to leave by Hera. She is killed in battle.


  • In Last Bible III it is shown that the people of Blantica fled to other planets. It is also shown in the New Testament games that humans exist on many planets. It is possible that Granas is one of many worlds colonized by the Blanticans.
  • This may also explain the Feeda, as they may be Blanticans that later evolved to have wings, though this is uncertain.
  • The Bible is also implied to exist in the New Testament games, being held by Eibon. This also goes with the theme of the games which often refers to history as being a story.


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