Angel and Julian are minor characters in Persona 5. They are two men that are found in Shinjuku. They are unnamed in the Japanese version, and are only referred to as Beefy Trendsetter and Scruffy Romantic, but were given names in the English version of Persona 5 Royal.


Angel and Julian are both average sized men, being only slightly shorter than Ryuji.

Angel wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a bunch of red hearts on it, white jeans with a belt, black ankle-high boots, a black tie, and a tiny red hat.

Julian wears a teal and red striped shirt with the shoulder areas covered purple, a pink button-down shirt underneath, white shorts, purple sneakers, and a gray hat.

In Persona 5 The Animation, Angel and Julian can be seen with blush, lipstick, and mascara on their faces.


Persona 5Edit

When the protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji go out to Shinjuku to investigate and find the name of mafia boss Junya Kaneshiro, they stumble across a fortune teller who senses "impeding woman troubles" for Ryuji, which he shrugs off. After the protagonist gets intel on his name from Ichiko Ohya, before they can go home, Angel and Julian confront Ryuji. They comment on his muscularity and how stunning he is, and introduce themselves as the "naughty troll of Shinjuku". Ryuji tries to fight back and tries to get the protagonist to help him, but instead of helping Ryuji, he simply supports whatever is going on. After that, the two men take Ryuji away somewhere where they will "party." Morgana wishes that Ryuji comes back alive, and he and the protagonist go home on their own.

Angel and Julian are not seen again until the beach trip at Miura, where after the protagonist, Ryuji, and Yusuke fail to pick up girls, Yusuke senses that someone has been following them the whole time. After noticing the two men, he walks away, but the protagonist and Ryuji have a run-in with them as the "fashion police". Since they don't get involved with their games by failing to answer a question, they "sentence" both of them to stripping. Hearing this, the two boys run far away from them. When they regroup with Yusuke, he reveals that he was watching the whole ordeal, but did not help them because he was enthralled in buying lobsters.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

Due to controversy surrounding the two scenes with Angel and Julian, regarding their sexual behavior against minors, their scenes were slightly altered in the western version of Persona 5 Royal.

During the group's investigation in Shinjuku, instead of preying on Ryuji, they now notice his outfit and talk about his fashion and style and they try to pull him into the world of drag. Like with Persona 5, the protagonist does nothing to help him and he is dragged off by them, though they drag him to crossdress rather than making overtly sexual advances.

Their scene at the beach has been modified as well, and is also the only time in the game where they have voiced dialogue. When Ryuji asks them why they are at the beach, they respond saying they needed to get out of the city and take a vacation, and are delighted to see the fate of reuniting with Ryuji due to their decision. After they realize all they did to Ryuji did not make him realize the "true beauty" of life, Angel and Julian threaten to take them to a vanity and boutique. Not wanting an extreme makeover again, the protagonist and Ryuji run.

Persona 5 the AnimationEdit

The roles of Angel and Julian (unnamed in the anime) are similar to their roles in the original game. However, them assaulting Ryuji now happens before Ren visits Ohya, rather than afterwards. They can also be seen jumping onto Ryuji and assaulting him onscreen. Chihaya also witnesses this event as well, and Ren asks if this was the "women troubles" he was expecting, which she replies "possibly". While Ryuji is still getting assaulted, Ren and Morgana walk away, apologizing to Ryuji.


  • The swimming trunks that Angel and Julian wear on the beach have the same designs as their shirts.

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