An Angel Kid (エンゼルチルドレン, Enzeru chirudoren)? is a hybrid race in the Devil Children series.


A human who possess the powers of a human and an angel, they are described as "half-human and half-angel" even though they look exactly the same as humans. Angel Children are counterparts to Devil Children. Like Devil Children, Angel Kids posses demon guides that evolve as they absorb power, usually in the form of a holy beast. An Angel Kid can be created by either bestowing angel powers upon a child or by having an angel parent.

Angel children tend to follow the rules or obey beings that are Lawful, even if they originally disagree with them. They are usually unable to defy them even as they question their goals or orders, such as Raguel ordering Takaharu to destroy the Expanse or the rules of his own father. They can also follow the more genocidal and racist ideas of Law, with Nagahisa deciding to join his father Michael in beginning Armageddon to destroy both humans and demons and even his brother who spent much of the game trying to save him. They can also act in a brainwashed fashion, such as Lena in DemiKids: Fire & Ice and near the ending of Devil Children: Light & Dark.

Known Angel ChildrenEdit

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