Official artwork from DemiKids.

Andromus, known as Andromalius (アンドロマリウス?) in Japan, is a demon in the series.


The 72nd spirit of the Goetia and a great Earl of Hell. He appears in the form of a man holding a serpent in his hand. It is his task to catch thieves and return the goods that they have stolen back to the owner. He is also charged with discovering wickedness and falsehood in dealing and to punish thieves and other wicked people. He can also uncover hidden treasure. Andomalius rules over 36 legions of spirits.



DemiKids: Light VersionEdit

"A grim demon who wields a living whip for delivering punishing blows."

Known as Andromus, he is one of the Imperium soldiers in Limbo taking the prisoner Lena to another location. Jin arrives and attempts to save her. Andromus gets in his way and tells the other Imperium soldiers to take the prisoner while he deals with the intruder. After his defeat Andromus states that Imperius will reward him if he brings him Jin's head, then he dies.


DemiKids Light & DarkEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
Elite Fire Boss 207 22 224 112
17 21 18 15 18 20
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Pyroburst Fire 10 MP Medium dmg. 1 Foe
Pyro Bomb Fire 20 HP Medium dmg +Bomb. 2 foes
Hex Venom Dark 20 MP Hit +Poison. 1 Foe
Hex Comadeus Dark 20 MP Medium dmg +Faint. 2 Foes
Spellboost Light 6 MP MGC Up. Party
Heal All Light 12 MP Minor HP recovery. Party
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