An ancestor Persona (先祖ペルソナ, Senzo Perusona)? is a special type of Persona in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. While most Personas are based on myths and legends that exist in real life, an ancestor Persona is based on an in-universe ancestor of a party member.



Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

There are three ancestor Personas in the game, all from different Arcanas. They only learn three spells through natural means, at rank 1, rank 8 and mutation respectively. The spells learned at rank 8 are used to perform the Tenchu-Satsu Fusion Spell, which deals an instant kill against Kiyotada Sumaru.

Tatsunoshin SuouSunTatsuya & Katsuya Suou
Maihime AmanoMoonMaya Amano
Junnosuke KurodaFoolJun Kurosu

Obtaining them involves a subquest that spans much of the length of the game, with steps that are very easy to miss. The player must do all the steps in order to unlock all three ancestors, but it's possible to get Suou and Amano if one misses Step 1, and Suou and Kuroda if Step 4 is missed.

  1. Donate 10,000 Yen to the Kuroda shrine on the Mt. Mifune trail before finishing the Sanitarium. This step is necessary only to get Kuroda.
  2. After getting either Nate or Ellen in your party, visit Kismet Publishing and talk to Mizuno in her office. When she asks you a question, tell her "No."
  3. After completing the Torifune dungeon, go back to Mizuno's office and talk to Jun's father Kashihara. He'll tell you a rumor about the origins of the New World Order in feudal Japan. Spread the rumor.
  4. Find Setsu Nishitani, the old woman at Araya Shrine, for the Shiraishi lady. After getting your reward, talk to Setsu again, and she'll tell you a rumor about the lover of the samurai in Kashihara's rumor. Spread the rumor. This step is necessary only to get Amano.
  5. In Sumaru Castle, Amano's mummy is in the Room of Princess on the 3rd floor. Talk to her and she'll be summonable in the Velvet Room.
  6. Suou's mummy is in the Room of Warrior on the 7th floor. Talk to him and he'll be summonable in the Velvet Room. If the player did Step 1, Kuroda will answer Suou's call and also become summonable.


  • Unlike the other Personas who are unlocked by performing certain actions and can be summoned over and over afterwards like Michael, Pallas Athena and Lugh, the ancestor Personas need to be unlocked again in a New Game Plus.
  • In reality, these ancestors might not even exist in the actual history of Persona and are merely fabricated characters created from the fake history of Gozen, which is spread by Nyarlathotep to taunt Tatsuya Suou about the Other Side.

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