Amy Kashihara is a character in the Devil Children series of games.



DemiKids Light & DarkEdit

Amy is a human from Valhalla who attempted to hide in the human world Rem at the beginning of the game. She is also a member of the Rebels who oppose the Imperium. After learning that Lena, Jin and Akira are attempting to summon a demon using a book found at their school, she joins in. Surprised when it works and summmons an evil Gargoyle from Valhalla, she is shocked that Jin and Akira are Demikids. She gives them a Demiloc to fight the demon with. After Lena's execution later in the game she gives in to despair and hands herself over to the Imperium, which leads to her eventual death. After defeating the final boss Darklord and Lord Light will resurrect her alongside Lena.

Amy is a B-Rank Battlenet Opponent who focuses on defense and uses female demons. Defeating her several times earns an Artemis. Doing it again earns a Berzerk.

Devil Children: Fire/Ice BookEdit

Amy is briefly accompanied by Haamiru when she meets Akira at the beginning of the game. She informs him that her homeworld Valhalla had been destroyed by unknown demons and angels who caused armageddon. Isaac would then appear and kidnap her to bring them closer to the final judgement. She would be tricked by them into believing that they intend to recreate her destroyed home by Shugoshin, who intends for her new world that she'll be the god of to be a new battlefield between the forces of Light and Dark.


Amy Introduction (Demikids - Dark Version)
Amy's introduction in DemiKids Dark Version
Amy in Messiah Riser
Amy in Devil Children: Light & Dark

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