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Amon (アモン) or Amaimon (アマイモン) is a demon in the series.


Amon (also spelled Aamon or Amaymon, along with many other variations) is a Marquis of Hell. He is the seventh of the 72 Goetic demons who governs forty infernal legions.

He appears as a wolf with a snake's tail who can breathe fire, or as a man with dog's teeth who is situated inside of a raven, or as a raven-headed man. Collin de Plancy took the artistic liberty of compressing Amon's two forms into one with the head of a dog-teethed raven, the body of a wolf, and a snake tail in place of its back legs. At the command of a mage, Amon may take the shape of man with a raven's head, having teeth of a canine. He tells of all things past and future.

He procures love and reconciles controversies between friends and foes. Some demonologists have associated his name with the Egyptian god Amun or with the god Ba‘al Hammon of Carthage.

As Amaymon or Amoymon he is said to be a Prince of Hell and King of either the West or East. Asmodeus and sometimes Gaap are said to be his servants. A silver ring is required to be worn on the middle finer when summoning him, as his deadly breath will kill the summoner otherwise.



Shin Megami Tensei: if... Hazama's Chapter

Amon appears in the World of Sloth to the player asking if Tamaki Uchida was looking for Akira Miyamoto in the school halls. If the player says "Yes", Amon joins the group if Akira have been defeated earlier, if not, Amon will battle the party. While controlling Ideo Hazama, Amon will give him a chance for redemption, and joins the party.

Shin Megami Tensei IV DEMONIC GENE

A demon who appears before Jeena/Xena in Naraku offering her power. Three monks in the second chapter transform into Amaimons.

DemiKids Light/Dark Version

Amon is exclusively summoned through relic fusions, and first appears in the form of a zombie. His zombie form must be fused with his soul in order to create his regular form. A similar situation exists in Last Bible.


Megami Tensei II



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