Ambrosia is the name of a website in Persona 2: Innocent Sin.



Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP)Edit

Originally created by Musubu Torikiri after the death of her sister, Ambrosia was used as a teaching aid for Class 2-3's students so she could connect with her students in a more personal manner. After being hailed by countless pointless, negative, or plainly counter-intuitive topics on the site, Musubu became frustrated with the lack of the site's success and eventually converted it to an intangible entity using her Parasite Persona. Now a brainwashing device, Ambrosia could be accessed from a student's cellphone from which they wrote their profiles that could be edited for the purpose of changing a student to their "ideal self".

Ambrosia is eventually taken down when Minato and Tatsuya Suou's party confront Musubu and convince her to come to terms with her past.