Amami City

"It has been five years since our project began... and now, Amami City has grown to become the envy of the entire world."
Nishi, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Amami City is the setting of Soul Hackers.



Originally a coastal country town, it was chosen by the government for the Urban Modernization Project. It was redeveloped into a cyber metropolis completely connected by its own online network, developed by Algon Soft. Registered ID cards are issued to all residents of the city and the government has started to introduce electronic money.


Located near the center of the metropolis, this district is a commercial center for Amami City. Numerous shops can be found here, as well as the nightclub EL-115 ti the north. The district is separated by a river, where a cruise ship is currently docked. The South Parking Garage is initially chosen as the Spookies HQ.


A residential district where the protagonist's home is located.


The central administrative district, the main offices of Algon Soft and the Amami Monolith are located here. This district sits over the site of ancient ruins. Six lives in an apartment in this district.

Amami BayEdit

A waterfront district containing the city airport, as well as warehouses and a new hotel.


An industrial district in the northern reaches of the city. Both Leon Automotives and AlgonSoft have plants here.


The city's design and geography bears a close resemblance to the commercial and residential districts of Kaihin-Makuhari, Chiba City.

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