The Amami Bypass is a location in Soul Hackers.



The bypass is a large highway that crosses Amami City, from the Yurashima district down to the Amami Bay. Upon completing the second Vision Quest, rumors circulate that the Amami Bypass is suddenly closed down for construction. If the protagonist visits the Bathhouse Forum in Paradigm X, an old man will make a request for a Summoner to deal with the real reason for the highway closing: a demon is on the loose. He mentions to ask for someone named "Nose" when they arrive.

The highway is traveled automatically in three lanes. There are strange potholes that can be avoided by switching lanes. If the player hits a hole, they will be in a forced encounter with demons; no escape or negotiation is allowed here. No magnetite is consumed while traveling on the bypass, allowing a full party to be fielded. At two separate stages, the highway sequence returns to the city map, enabling access to the menus before continuing.

After the third section, the protagonist can reach the end of the bypass just outside the airport. At the end lies the Speed Demon. He laughs it off when Hitomi asks if he is "Nose," stating that man is dead. He summons three Headless Riders and engages the party in battle. Once the demon is eliminated, upon returning to Paradigm X the old man expresses gratitude that the demon is gone and can rest in peace. Upon asking for the protagonist's ID, a reward money of ¥50,000 is transferred to the account in Paradigm Bank.

The player has until the events at Amami Float to complete this side-quest. If it hasn't been completed by then, a message will eventually be seen on Summoner Net stating that someone else in the Phantom Society took care of the Speed Demon.

A security guard in Yurashima later says that a man named Nose used to work there until he quit, saying he was tired of the city, and that Nose's son was a delinquent who later died on the bypass in a motorcycle accident.


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