The Amami Airport is a location in Soul Hackers. It is the setting of the second Vision Quest.



Located at Amami Bay, the recently constructed airport is located along the coastline.

After Hitomi/Nemissa get displaced into Paradigm X following Moowis' failed possession attempt, the protagonist encounters Kinap the guise of a rabbit, who takes him on the second Vision Quest. It recounts the fate of Judah Singh, who is seen being hired by Nishi shortly after the death of Urabe. Nishi tasks him with eliminating a problem at the then under construction Amami Airport related to the Manitou Net. Investigating the airport, Judah must access each of the administrative counters to reach the control room. On the second floor, he encounters Rei Reiho, who engages him in battle. After a few rounds, she breaks of and attempts to persuade him to cut his ties to the Phantom Society, causing him to experience feelings of self-doubt. Once he reaches the Control Room, he discovers the source of the problem: a demon called Winpe. However, upon defeat, it self-destructs, killing Judah.

When the Vision Quest ends and the protagonist and Nemissa return from Paradigm X, the Spookies discover a bulletin on Summoner Net from Finnegan calling forth summoners to deal with the resurgence from the Manitou Net. Heading to the airport, now in complete construction, the two hear a sorrowful voice, with other summoners on the site mentioning rumors of Judah Singh's ghost. The voice hints that something important of his was placed at the waste disposal room in the basement. Upon reaching the room, they discover Judah's saxophone COMP among the garbage. His ghost states that his demons still remain on the memory card, and hopes that he can find peace by passing these on to the protagonist. With the card installed into the GUMP, the protagonist now can access Judah's old demons and expands storage capacity to twelve.

With Judah's last will fulfilled, the two head to the Control Room, where they see Finnegan finishing off the revived Winpe. Scoffing at how Judah could not dispose such a "weak" demon, he notices the protagonists and Nemissa and realizes they are not with Phantom. Thinking they may be with Kuzunoha and deeming them beneath his level, he summons a group of demons to attack them and leaves the airport.


  • Chakra Pot (1F)
  • 200 MAG (1F)
  • Black Panel (2F)
  • 800 MAG (2F)
  • 1000 MAG (B1F)
  • Balm of Life (B1F)


Vision QuestEdit

Unlike in the first Vision Quest, Judah can recruit demons in the airport. Every demon in his COMP at the end of the Vision Quest will later be obtained by the player upon discovering his saxophone.

15Jack FrostFairy
15Moh ShuvuuRaptor
17Gu Huo NiaoFlight
20Pyro JackFairy
21Bai SuzhenDrake
25Headless RiderUndead
39Rei ReihoHuman


12Zhu Tun SheDrake
13Reiko KashimaRumor
15Moh ShuvuuRaptor
21Bai SuzhenDrake
22Yato no KamiSnake
27La LloronaFemme


  • If the player speaks to demons before retrieving the old COMP, some of them may mention feeling uneasy over the presence of Judah's ghost.
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