The Amala Temple (アマラ神殿, Amara Shinden) is a location in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



The Amala Temple is a vast structure within the Vortex World, with three pyramids surrounding a gigantic floating inverted pyramid temple, in a ring full of water. Stone bridges connect the temples and the exit.

Its existence is first detected by Jyoji Hijiri, who also notes the immense stores of Magatsuhi resting there. Shortly after deducing its potential, he is abducted by Isamu Nitta, who takes him to the core temple and asks his former friend, the Demi-Fiend, to infiltrate the temples and kill the guardian demons so he could use the Magatsuhi being devoured there to fuel the summoning of his god. In the meanwhile, the outside of the Temples is used as a gathering place for the followers of the Reason of Musubi.

The three temples are White, Red and Black. Each holds a very powerful demon guardian and a different layout.

Clockwise from the entrance is the Black Temple, protected by Aciel. This temple is suffused with unnatural darkness, requiring Light Balls to traverse safely. In the highest part of the temple, a black flame burns; once shut off, it is possible to break the floors below by entering the correct chambers above and falling so the floor will collapse. In the basements of the Black Temple, Aciel waits.

The White Temple is directly across the entrance. While it is well-lit, it has a complex network of teleporters spread across two levels. One of the game's unique reusable items is stored there. Its demon guardian, Albion, defends the Temple from invaders and when defeated will drop the Adama Magatama.

The Red Temple has a distinct combination of light and shadows; should the Demi-fiend touch the shadows, he will be dragged into a shadowy version of the Temple which can be escaped from by finding the shafts of light there; it is eventually necessary to traverse both the light and the shadow worlds to reach the top of the Temple. Its ferocious guardian is the bloodthirsty Skadi.

Once all three guardian demons are dead, Isamu will lower the central temple and beckon the Demi-Fiend in; inside, depending on his choices, he will invite him to kill Hijiri to provide the last power boost needed or execute Hijiri himself. Once the deed is done, in either case, Noah will rise and merge with Isamu.

Later, with the Yahirono Himorogi in his possession after the death of Yuko Takao, the Demi-Fiend returned to the Amala Temple and set it in place to fire a beam of Magatsuhi towards Kagutsuchi, prompting it to extend a long, stony appendage; it would ram the Obelisk into the ground and become the Tower of Kagutsuchi.

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