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Megidolaon SMT5

Ongyo-Ki casting Megidolaon in Shin Megami Tensei V

Almighty Icon IS Almighty (万能, ban'nō)? skills carry a special, non-elemental property and are usually not hindered by defenses such as repel or drain, barring a few exceptions like that of innate Almighty resistance from certain bosses (Noah and Lucifer in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne), along with the Passive skill Anti-Almighty in Devil Survivor 2. Almighty skills are generally magical, but can also be physical.

In the Persona 2 duology, the Almighty type is more generic, lacking the distinctive quality it carries in other entries. There, each combatant can be weak or resistant to Almighty as if it were any other type, and it determines one's resistance to most ailments. The attack type that works in a similar way to Almighty in other installments is simply called "Non-elemental" (無視, mushi), and is primarily composed of instant-kill and boss-only skills.

All-Out Attacks in Persona 3 and after are considered Almighty.

General spells[]

Name Japanese/Romaji Power Target
Megido メギド
Medium All enemies
Megidola メギドラ
Heavy All enemies
Megidolaon メギドラオン
Mega All enemies


In each game, there are skills that sacrifice the caster.

Name Power Target
Kamikaze Medium One enemy
Last Resort
Self Destruct
Heavy All enemies


Name Power Target Remarks
Life Drain
Weak One foe Drains HP
Spirit Drain Weak One foe Drains MP
Energy Drain Weak One foe Drains HP+MP


Skill Effect
Power Breath Raises all allies attack and evasion. *
Dark Breath Raises all allies defense and magic. *
Fire Wall Nullifies Fire attacks for one turn.
Water Wall Nullifies Ice attacks for one turn.

Zan Family[]

Main article: Force Skills

In Persona 2, Zan spells do Almighty elemental damage; Mazan spells are unavailable.

Name Power Target
Zan Light 1 enemy
Zanma Medium 1 enemy
Zandyne Heavy 1 enemy

Gry Family[]

Main article: Gravity Skills

In Persona 2, Gry was a group-damage almighty elemental family, instead of belonging to the Gravity family in Megami Ibunroku Persona.

Name Power Target
Gry Light 1 group of enemies
Gryva Medium 1 group of enemies
Grydyne Heavy 1 group of enemies

Specific Spells[]

Name Power Target Remarks
Big Bang
Great Logos
Severe All foes -
Severe All foes Lowers all stats
Black Viper Severe One foe -
Morning Star Severe All foes -
Holy Wrath Heavy Everything Extra dmg to Chaos
Judgement Heavy Everything Extra dmg to Neutral
Sea of Chaos Heavy Everything Extra dmg to Law
Divine Retribution - Everything Cuts foes HP by 1/4, user's by 1/8 *
Desperate Hit Medium 1-5 Random hits Physical

In Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5, the storyline skills Great Seal, Myriad Truths, and Sinful Shell are also considered in-game to be Almighty Skills.

Game Specific[]

Shin Megami Tensei II[]

Name Power Target Remarks
Sacrifice Weak All enemies Physical, damages MP
Vacuum Weak 1 foe Physical, can end combat
Dark Tsunami Heavy All foes Physical

Shin Megami Tensei: if...[]

Name Power Target Remarks
Vile Fang Heavy All foes Physical, damages MP
Sol Smasher Heavy All foes Magic

Shin Megami Tensei NINE[]

Name Effect Target
Holy Wrath Damage. Stronger against enemies of opposite alignment. All foes
Megiddo Fire Damage All foes
Evil Eye Damage + Inflicts Mute/Stone One foe
Immaculate Light Damage + Reverts all stat changes All foes and allies
Cocytus Pain Damage + Inflicts Freeze All foes
Testament Damage + Decreases physical attack + Decreases magical attack All foes

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Exclusive[]

Name Power Target
Death Flies Mega, Instant death to enemies not immune to Death.
Beelzebub only
All enemies.
Fire of Sinai Mega
Metatron only.
Random enemies.
Pestilence Medium, instant Death to Poisoned enemies.
Pale Rider only.
All enemies
Beast Roar Heavy, user restores some HP.
Mother Harlot only.
All enemies
Stinger Heavy. Lvl dependant chance of instant death (Non-Expel/Death).
Ineffective on bosses. Dante only.
1 enemy
Freikugel Mega. Physical. Strength dependent.
Demi-fiend only. (Learned from Kailash)
1 enemy
God's Curse Random Status Ailment.
Boss Samael only.
All enemies
Sol Niger Reduce HP to 1. Aciel only. All enemies.
Hell's Call Instant Death for rule breaker.
Ahriman only.
1 enemy
Apocalypse Mega Almighty Damage. Ahriman only. All enemies
Showtime Heavy. Dante only. All enemies
Vast Light Mega. Kagutsuchi (before transformation) only. All enemies
Infinite Light Extreme. Kagutsuchi (after transformation) only. All enemies
High King Extreme. May inflict Bind status.
Lucifer only.
All enemies

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Exclusive[]

Parenthesized numbers are power levels used by the game for damage calculation. For comparison, Megido is 200, Megidola 300, Megidolaon 400, -dyne spells are 200, and Ma-dyne spells are 160. Also, all skills in Strange Journey are MP skills (no skills cost HP).

Name Power Cost Target
Moan Bullet Medium (150) 45 Random Enemies (1-3 hits)
Freischutz Heavy (200) 50 All Enemies
Riot Gun Copy Severe (200) 80 One Enemy
Babylon Goblet Heavy (300), 25% chance of inflicting Charm 65 All enemies
Mel Faize Heavy. Mastema (boss) only NA Entire Party
Sinner's Song Heavy. Chance of charm. Zelenin (Judge) Only. NA Entire Party
Great Flood Heavy. Lowers Agility. Mem Aleph Only. NA Entire Party

Moan Bullet is a skill on the guns Ebony Tear, Meteor Dragoon, and Peacemaker. Freischutz is a skill on the gun Meteor Dragoon. Riot Gun Copy is a skill on the gun Megido Fire. Due to the way damage from gun skills is calculated (factoring in the gun's normal attack power), these skills often do more damage than demon skills.

Desperate Hit's rating of Medium is misleading and that the official rating of 100 power is likely inaccurate, as against bosses, three or more hits (300-500 power) does more damage than Jihad (500 power)

Strangely, Zelenin's attack Megiddo Storm does electric damage, not almighty, regardless of its name having the same origin as the Megido spell chain.

Shin Megami Tensei IV[]

Name Power Target Remarks
Serpent of Sheol Heavy All foes Drains HP+MP
Megidoplasma Heavy All foes -
Babylon Goblet Heavy All foes 25% Panic
Damnation Heavy All foes 70% Poison
Stigmatic Gleam Heavy All foes 20% Brand
Gaea Rage Heavy All foes Physical attack
Curse Thy Enemy Heavy One foe Guarantees weakness
Fallen Grace Special One foe Always does 666 dmg

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Exclusive[]

  • Skills unique to Soul Hackers
Name Power Target
Armageddon Halves HP All enemies
240,000,000 Evils Massive Vary
Queen of the Full Moon Massive Vary
Demon Birth Cry Medium One front row enemy, splash damage to others
Necro Dogma Medium One enemy, splash damage to others

Persona 2 Exclusive[]

Name Power Target
Super Megido* Varies 1 enemy
High Pressure Medium All enemies
Asteroid Bomb High 1 enemy*, all enemies*

Innocent Sin Exclusive[]

Name Effect
Demonic Breath Deal low Almighty damage to an enemy group.
Nova Kaiser Deal high Almighty + Light damage to one enemy. *
Crescent Mirror Deal high Almighty + Light damage to all enemies. May freeze.

Eternal Punishment Exclusive[]

Name Effect
Crescent Mirror Inflicts huge Almighty damage to all enemies.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Exclusive[]


Name Effect Range
Photon Edge A heavy Almighty attack. ML
Shinkuuha 2 medium Almighty attacks. (1 enemy) RN
Resseiha 1-5 medium Almighty attacks against random targets. (All enemies) RN
Shadow Run A heavy Almighty attack. (All enemies) RN
World's End A severe Almighty attack. (All enemies) RN
Prana A severe Almighty attack. (All enemies) RN
Pralaya A severe Almighty attack, with medium chance of instant kill. (All enemies) RN
Door of Hades 3 heavy Almighty attacks, 1 per turn. High chance of instant kill. (All Enemies) RN


Name Effect
Summon Ghost A medium Almighty attack. (All enemies) [Requires Circles]
Summon Demon A heavy Almighty attack. (All enemies) [Requires Circles]

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner Exclusive[]

  • Skills unique to Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.
Name Power Target
Micro Nova Light (Agi + Bufu + Tera) All enemies.
Light Moderate. Brahman only. All enemies.
Noxious Cloud Heavy, Abaddon only. All enemies.
Ragnarok Heavy + Lowers defense. All enemies.
Vaikunta Heavy + May cause Stone.
Harihara only.
All enemies.
Divine Shot Heavy,
(Seraph + Drain Skill)
1 enemy.
Last Word Mega 1 enemy.
Bhairava Mega, Harihara only. 1 enemy.
Inferno Roar Mega, Vritra only. All enemies.
Viraj Blade Mega, Meganada only. 1 enemy.
Brahma Sutra Mega, Brahman only. All enemies.
Pain Mega, Seth only. 1 enemy
Vanity Inflicts random ailments, Almighty-based. All enemies.
Celestial Ray Mega + Ailments All enemies.
Demon Fury Mega + All stats down
(Last Meal + Gate of Hell + Debilitate)
All enemies.
Third Eye Mega + Causes stun to those not immune to it. All enemies.
Chaturbhuja Mega dmg multiple times, never misses. Random enemies.
Reincarnate Extreme (Must receive through dialogue choice). All enemies.
Black Sun Extreme (Ragnarok + Megidolaon + Salvation)/
(Chaturbhuja + Spiteful Force + Third Eye)
All enemies.
Gaea Rage Fatal (high thousands). Demi-fiend only. All enemies.
God's Breath Fatal (high thousands), 100% accuracy. Satan only. All enemies.

Devil Survivor specific[]

  • Skills unique to Devil Survivor.
Name Power Target
Megidoladyne* Mega (initially)*, Lucifer (boss) only All*
Holy Dance MA Dependant Random
Drain MA Dependant 1 enemy
Devil's Fuge LV Dependant, Protagonist only,
only available when attacking Beldr
1 enemy

Megidoladyne is not a move used when attacking, but a field attack. While it initially does mega damage (around 500 to a character/demon with 40 MA), it grows in power 50% in relation to the last use each time it is cast and is absolutely fatal after 4-5 uses. It hits all player parties.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin skill cards
Zan Card IS
Zan Card
Zanma card IS
Zanma Card
Wavelength card IS
Wavelength Card, which grants Zandyne
Gry card IS
Gry Card
Gryva card IS
Gryva Card
Pressure card IS
Pressure Card, which grants Grydyne
Megido card IS
Megido Card
Megidola card IS
Megidola Card
Nuclear card IS
Nuclear Card, which grants Megidolaon
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment skill cards
Zan card EP
Zan Card
Zanma card EP
Zanma Card
Shockwave card EP
Shockwave Card, which grants Zandyne
Gry card EP
Gry Card
Gryva card EP
Gryva Card
Pressure card EP
Pressure Card, which grants Grydyne
Megido card EP
Megido Card
Megidola card EP
Megidola Card
Annihilation card EP
Annihilation Card, which grants Megidolaonn
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