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The Alien Dimension is an optional dungeon in Devil Summoner.


The Alien Dimension is accessed from the Yarai Sewers, but can only be entered after stepping on the tile right before the Final boss door. It is the only place where Reaper enemies can be encountered, as well as higher level demons such as Chi You. The dungeon is split up into two segments, and the first segment is relatively short, and Nanto Seikun and Hokuto Seikun are encountered at the end. The second segment contains the strongest enemies in the game, and can only be accessed after beating Nanto and Hokuto Seikun. In the PSP port of Devil Summoner, 4 additional bosses can be fought in the second segment: David, Enoch, Leviathan, and Skoll. These bosses are the strongest in the entire game, so the player should be well prepared before fighting them.


  • Huo Jian Spear
  • Insanity H
  • Kusanagi no Tsurugi
  • Brilliant Star Sword
  • Burst Riser


  • Blue boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level
Ixtab Reaper 21
Thanatos Reaper 32
Pachacamac Vile 41
Chernobog Reaper 46
Chemosh Vile 49
Balor Tyrant 49
Catoblepas Wilder 52
Anzu Raptor 53
Guedhe Reaper 55
Kanaloa Vile 57
Mushussu Drake 58
Loki Tyrant 59
Tao Tie Vile 64
Taowu Wilder 65
Huoniao Raptor 66
Rahu Tyrant 66
Vasuki Drake 70
Pales Vile 73
Nergal Tyrant 73
Mot Reaper 74
Chi You Tyrant 83
Nanto Seikun Deity 73
Hokuto Seikun Fury 75
David Zoma 99
Enoch Zoma 99
Leviathan Zoma 99
Skoll Zoma 99
  • Italic font denotes PSP remake-exclusive enemy.

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