Alice Hiiragi is a character from Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. She is a fashion artist and singer who had recently gained uncanny levels of popularity.



Alice has light green hair with a shade of blue streaks in the front and lavender streaks on her buns, and dark purple eyes, at around a head shorter than the protagonist. Despite her short body height, it is heavily implied that she is slightly older than Haru or Makoto.

She wears a light blue and white striped ribbon, a lavender ace of spades card on her bangs, a capped bottle of turquoise liquid, a yellow striped ball and another one but turquoise and small on her left bun and a white teapot with lavender details, a turquoise striped ball and another one but in yellow and small on her right bun. In addition, she a simple blue choker, a blue and white striped dress short skirt front long back with short puffy sleeves with yellow little balls together at the bottom, light green ruffles, blue top's layer, a pink heart on the left with a dark gray and white ribbon striped, a clock with a golden heart at the end of its chain, blue striped ribbons, a yellow ace of diamonds card and a lavender card on its skirt. The skirt's layer in the left has a turquoise Cheshire cat's face, lavender bloomers with diamonds and clovers, and in the bottom a light blue big heart around each leg, light green leggings, white boots with a pink ribbon, yellow ribbon and green ribbon in each one and light blue soles. She also wears a blue striped ribbon around her wrists, and another blue striped ribbon behind on each of her boots.

Her Shadow has pink hair with blue streaks, gaudy makeup and wears a provocative dominatrix outfit. She has two psychedelic eye decors on her back as her buns and wears a pair of high heels. She also appears to be significantly taller than her real world counterpart, having identical height as the protagonist instead of being shorter than him. Her crown is a purple crown with a yellow, glowing heart on top of it; if this crown is taken off, all desires from her Jail will be freed.

Her Shadow transforms into a purple skinned rabbit girl in the same provocative clothing as her human form and at around four times the height of the protagonist, although her right eye and mouth is stiched shut and she has fangs as teeth.


Within the public, Alice has the image of a cute and charismatic idol that can mesmerize all of Shibuya (Whom she actually mesmerized with EMMA's supernatural functions) thanks to her brilliant fashion design, and acts so in public. She is also said to be quite attractive, according to Ryuji and Ann, causing the latter to wonder why she had to mesmerize people in Shibuya with EMMA in the first place.

Behind the scenes reveal a completely different person, as she will simply snap and psychopathically bully any man she knows to be in a stable relationship by changing their hearts so they break up their marriage and go for her instead. If anyone tries to stop her afterwards, she will even physically attack them by stomping on them, humiliating them and taking pictures of the bullying. Her Shadow is a dominatrix queen that simply exaggerates her negative traits to extreme levels, and shows a lustful side that enjoys making brave and famous men her servants.

In reality, Alice is a tortured soul that has incredibly low self-esteem with no friends at school, with girls bullying her because she was exposed for having a crush. Before she went into fashion, she used to be highly introverted and was nothing like the Alice seen in-game. The drastic personality change was a distortion that occurred when she used EMMA to artificially inflate her self-ego, causing her personality to become not very different from the people that bullied her before.

Since the breaking point happens when she had her crush taken away, she would draw any men with a relationship towards her by changing their hearts. If anyone questions her after this, she snaps and attacks them by replicating her breaking point. Her paranoia is exemplified in how she views Ann Takamaki, who she immediately views as a popular bully similar to the ones who tormented her because Ann is a fashion model (when in reality Ann was a social outcast and completely lacked any aggressive impulses in school). As shown by her confused and horrified reaction to discovering the Phantom Theives intend to steal her crown, she does not view herself as a bad person, simply one trying to survive and avoid becoming a target for bullying again. When defeated, her Shadow acknowledges that nothing she did improved her view of herself, and she was wrong to follow the example of her bullies.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersEdit

Alice is supposedly a talented fashion model and idol who was know for her cute looks and a colorful, unique worldview in her merchandise. She was a former alumnae of Shujin Academy and knew Ann Takamaki prior to the events of the game, albeit only in magazines. When she was around the school, she had no friends and was bullied very often. She also used to be introverted up until she found a gorgeous dress that inspired her to become a fashion model so she would become the light of other people. However, rumors of her having a crush being spread among the school and she was bullied in a particularly cruel way because some of the girls got jealous. It was heavily implied that the bullies stomped on top of her and took videos of the abuse, and her crush was taken away from her as well.

She found her gateway to revenge via the EMMA app, making her get abnormal popularity and made herself a merchandise empire, but by using the Metaverse to artificially inflate her popularity and to take revenge against basically anyone who would remind her of the trauma. If anyone was married before and were mesmerized by Alice because they inputted her friend keyword on EMMA and triggered the Metaverse Navigator, they will get their heart changed by shadows and break up the relationship. Alice's keyword is public, ensuring she can change the hearts of as many people as possible. If anyone reminds Alice of her past relationship, she will subconsciously use EMMA to change their hearts, with identical effect as if the Metaverse Navigator drawn them in. If anyone attempts to stop or question her about the weird occurences, she would step on them and take pictures of the humiliation. Alice coerced her past manager frequently this way, rendering him so traumatized that he is unable to get out of his house.

Because of her past trauma, Alice also does not talk about her school anywhere, and all mentions of her school vanished from the internet. Despite her supposed fame, Shujin does not have any records of Alice in their list of famous personalities, indicating that she graduated way before the Phantom Thieves' members enrolled in or even prior to Makoto becoming student council president of Shujin.

She is first seen when the protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji Sakamoto go to Shibuya and buy camping tools, where she was seen giving people cards to "wonderland" during an advertising campaign for her merchandise in the 705 department store. It asks people to befriend her by inputting the keyword "Wonderland" in the EMMA app. Once they do, the trio gets transported to the Metaverse where Alice sends out a group of Shadows to steal the desires of people. The trio attempts to escape, only to be cornered and brought to meet Alice, in which she aggressively flirts with the protagonist but grows confused why he seems to be responding poorly to her seduction attempts, as her Jail should have made him utterly devoted to her. She drops him, Morgana and Ryuji into a junkyard where Sophia took the form of a box. Sophia takes the form of a young girl and assists their escape.

On the next day, the party finds everybody in Shibuya mesmerized by her. The weird occurrences include: fervent fans of Alice forgetting to eat or drink and collapsing in fatigue, people who are not fans of Alice being fired, people going nearly bankrupt for buying Alice merchandise or requesting loaned money to buy them, as well as street fights against anti-Alice fans. If a man married to another woman got his heart stolen by Alice, he will break up the marriage and become hopelessly attracted by her.

After researching data, Ann and the protagonist go to the TV studio to attend a talk show. Before the interviewer could talk about the rumors of her having a crush, he was suddenly mesmerized as Alice subconsciously changed his heart to silence him. The talk show was interrupted due to the abnormalities, and she exposes her true nature by smirking at the end of the scene. Ann and the protagonist lurk by the hallway trying to investigate her.

When her manager followed her and ask what is wrong, she stomped him on his chest and was verbally coercing him into submission so she can film it. She claimed that her old manager got the same treatment and she broke him to the point that he refused to leave his room, and this is not the first time she physically attacked the current manager. Ann and the protagonist confront her shortly after, having witnessed what happened, before Alice tries to use the EMMA app to "befriend" the two. Alice eventually recognizes the protagonist from the 705 and, upon him and Ann leaving, ponders why it is he isn't acting similarly to the other mesmerized people.

The culprit of this change of heart case is at first directed to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, in which Zenkichi Hasegawa takes the advantage of this and uses it to blackmail them.

After investigating most of Shibuya's Jail, Zenkichi Hasegawa offers them information of Shujin Academy, which was revealed to be the school where Alice is graduated in, allowing the party to go into Shujin, an isolated part of the Jail. A flashback of how Alice was treated in the past was shown and a Shadow on top a series of stacked desks bursts into the Lock Keeper, a powerful Shadow. After it was defeated, the party goes back to the real world and sends the calling card using the "Futaba Cannon" (a broadcast hijack) against all of Shibuya.

Once the party reaches the Jail to confront Alice, Shadow Alice tells them about how she was bullied and her heart severed in the past before transforming into Mad Rabbit Alice to attack the party. They defeat her and Alice releases everyone from the Jail by taking off her crown, then vanishing. On the next day, Alice confesses her violent behavior post-interview on the screen and had became how she was in the past, and her reputation is now discredited.

However, the Jail remains and can still be revisited, and some desires might still go back into the Jail, allowing re-exploration and quests to occur. When under police custody, she testifies that someone was monitoring her Jail via EMMA.



Alice is weak against Fire and Wind Skills, and can nullify Psi skills. It is advisable to bring Ann and Morgana in the party, and never bring Haru in. The protagonist needs several personas with Agi and Garu attacks. Also remember to stock up large amounts of healing items, as multiple members can be severely damaged and/or taken down by hard hitting physical attacks at the same time.

During BattleEdit

There are about 9 wind crackers placed in the stage, use those crackers to fire at Alice while she pole dances at the center, as that attack is difficult to dodge manually.

Once her Health drops to 50%, she’ll become aggressive and will be capable of moving around the screen quickly. It is advisable to keep your distance from her and attack when she finishes her attacks, as every time she uses a physical attack, she remains idle for a couple of seconds. She can also cast Brain Jack, which is easy to avoid but can be dangerous when it hits multiple members, and she can now cast a Mapsi attack that covers around half of the screen.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers
Alice P5S concept
Concept art
P5S Alice Hiiragi Real World
Alice in the real world
P5S Alice Hiiragi Jail
Alice's Shadow stomping on the protagonist
Alice attacking manager
Alice attacking her manager in the real world
P5S Alice Hiiragi Jail King
Alice's Shadow in Shibuya Jail, before attacking the party
Shadow Alice boss form (Mad Rabbit Alice)
Shadow Alice boss form (Mad Rabbit Alice)


Alice's last name, "Hiiragi" (柊) means "holly," after the holly plant.

In flower language, Hiiragi represents "Defense" and "Protection." Based on her motif being Alice in Wonderland, she is effectively protecting herself with illusions.


  • Alice Hiiragi's design is inspired by characters from Alice in Wonderland.
    • She has same given name as the main character Alice.
    • She has a violet ace of spades card and a teapot on her head. Making her similar to the Mad Hatter because he too has cards on his hat, and holds tea parties.
    • She has the Cheshire Cat's face in her dress' skirt's layer.
    • She has hearts and wears a crown in her Metaverse outfit, has Shadows as her minions, and is a King ruling over a Jail in the game, making her similar to the Queen of Hearts because she has those things in her outfit and is the queen ruling over Wonderland.
    • She wields a club shaped like a flamingo, which may be a reference to the flamingo croquet match the Queen of Hearts has against Alice.
    • The clock of her dress skirt is a reference of the White Rabbit because he has one. Also, her form Mad Rabbit Alice is reference of that character, as well the name. The name is also reference of the Mad Hatter and Alice's names together.
    • The original Alice entered wonderland by dropping into a rabbit hole. Suffering from the breaking point of her life resulted in this Alice artificially creating an ego of herself with EMMA.
  • Her first name in the initial storyboard of the game is 有栖, which is still read as "Alice," but worded differently. [1]
  • Alice shares a voice actor as Eleonora Yumizuru.


  1. Initial storyboard of Scramble's first level

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