Ali Dance (アリ・ダンス, Ari Dansu)? is a Passive skill.


Ali Dance automatically doubles the user's evasion rate against all attacks.

Game Effect
Persona 4
Persona 4 Golden
The Hit rate of an attacking unit is reduced by half.
Persona 5
Persona 5 Royal
Double evasion rate against all magical attacks except Hama/Mudo/Almighty.


Party MembersEdit

By leveling upEdit

Character Game Level
Kasumi Text Icon Sumire Yoshizawa Persona 5 Royal Innate

By equipping AccessoriesEdit

Party members are able to learn Angelic Grace by equipping certain Accessories:

Game Accessory Location
Persona 5 Royal Fish God's Badge Prize at Ichigaya fishing pond

By special meansEdit

Character Game Method Criteria
Levelup Morgana Morgana Persona 5 Royal Jazz Jin January 15th
Levelup Ryuji Ryuji Sakamoto
Levelup Ann Ann Takamaki
Levelup Yusuke Yusuke Kitagawa
Levelup Makoto Makoto Niijima
Levelup Haru Haru Okumura
Levelup Akechi Goro Akechi
Kasumi Text Icon Sumire Yoshizawa


Persona 4 / GoldenEdit

By leveling upEdit
Persona Arcana Level
P4 P4G
Futsunushi Chariot 84

Persona 5 / RoyalEdit

By leveling upEdit
Persona Arcana Level
P5 P5R P5 P5R
Futsunushi Justice Innate -
Gabriel Star 79
Vishnu Moon Innate
Macabre Faith - 78
Raoul World - Innate
With Skill CardsEdit

The protagonist can use a Skill Card to teach Angelic Grace to his Personas. It can only be obtained through certain means:

Persona Method
Sandalphon Electric Chair Execution

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