Algon Soft is a company in Soul Hackers.



A software corporation that is at the center of the Amami City redevelopment. The company developed Paradigm X, the residents support the company and have been given free PCs, electric currency or e-money, along with their processor, the Krypto Chip. The president of Algon Soft is Kadokura, considered by many to be a genius software programmer.

Krypto ChipEdit

Unbeknownst to most people, AlgonSoft is in league with the Phantom Society, who have an ulterior motive behind Paradigm X: to harvest human souls with the Manitou Net. The Krypto Chip plays a vital role in this process: its processor die contains an organic entity called a Spore, which releases an insect-like carrier that can extract human souls and then transport them back to Manitou through computer networks. As Paradigm X beta goes on, many citizens in Amami City undergo a strange illness where they are catatonic and unresponsive, a result of the Krypto Chip harvesting their souls. In some rare instances, the afflicted became violent and deranged instead.

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