Alex Brown

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Alex Brown is a character in Persona x Detective Naoto.



Persona x Detective Naoto

Alex Brown is one of the five judges that presided over the Midnight Site while using the handle Tajikarao. After Osamu Haida gives the Yagokoro police investigators access to the private chat of the judges, Alex dismisses their concerns over the attempts on judges' lives by Kagutsuchi. However, he is provoked into calling the police by Touko Aoi.

Despite his efforts in throwing them off by using a payphone, by telling investigators he was a former member of the Foreign Legion and demonstrating distaste for the police, they are able to narrow down his location and his identity. His imposing height and dark complexion make it easy for Naoto Shirogane and Sousei Kurogami to find and confront him in a crowd.

While he escapes them, he is cornered by Kagutsuchi and stabbed to death. It is later revealed that despite his combat prowess Touko was able to defeat him by using Kushinada-Hime.

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