The Alaya Cavern (アラヤの岩戸?) is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona. It is a metaphysical location that connects the Alaya Shrine to the Sea of Souls.



The party heads to the Alaya Cavern in order to stop the real Maki Sonomura from returning to the Sea of Souls prematurely, as well as to obtain the last Compact so that they can confront Pandora. Upon reaching the Alaya Shine, Philemon informs them that the protagonist and the Ideal Maki, are the only ones can enter the Cavern, as they are the ones the real Maki is calling for.

On B8F, the protagonist and Maki find the protagonist's "other self", who shows them visions of the past and judges him based on his actions throughout the game. The events the "other self" shows are:

Depending on the choices chosen during these events earlier in the game, the protagonist's "other self" will reward him with the Totems needed to fuse the party's Ultimate Personas.

At the end of the dungeon, the protagonist and the Ideal Maki reach the Sea of Souls, where they find the real Maki waiting for them.



Demon Order Level HP Weak (Vulnerable) Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Selket Beast46345Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Garnet
Aello Flight47292Force - - -50% WindMagarula Stone
Druj Haunt47470 -Magic - -200% GunPhysical Guard
Berith Fallen48480Ice - -100% Fire, Death -Doggerel Tablet
Titania Fairy49294Force - - -50% EarthNihiru
Otohime Snake50700-- (Fire) - -100% Ice, Expel -Amethyst
Shadow Foul50550Element, Force - -100% Physical -Metal Card
Succubus Night51357Physical - -100% Element, Force -Opal
Tengu Yoma51357Force - - -50% WindGarudyne Stone
Mushus Drake51765Element - - -50% ElecLone Sword
Dakini Femme51510Element - - -50% NuclearBalm of Life
Dominion Divine52520Spear, Death, Curse - - -50% Element, ForceEnkeller
Catoblepas Wilder52429Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Tanzanite
Yaksa Brute52520Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Holy Writ Tablet
Lust Karma45328Expel -Physical - -Soma
Greed Karma47379Expel -Physical - -Bead
Envy Karma49384Expel -Physical - -Soma
Wrath Karma50441Expel -Physical - -Diamond
Sloth Karma52483Expel -Physical - -Ebon Rope Tablet
Pride Karma55515Expel -Physical - -Alexandrite

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