Akito Kobayashi Tokyo Revelation

Akito Kobayashi.

Akito Kobayashi (小林 章人 Kobayashi Akito) is an antagonist and major character in Tokyo Revelation. He is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the Japanese version and Lex Lang in the English dub.



When Akito was a boy, he was bullied and beaten for being a homosexual, with Kojiro Souma being the one to defend him from them. Kojiro is the one who tried to teach and inspired Akito to learn how to truly summon demons. This lead to Akito eventually summoning Gagyson and make a contract to get back at the humans by summoning Gagyson's master, Ose.

Akito first appears as a young man on an airplane who is hiding his face beneath his hat. He infests the plane with demons and watches as it is destroyed from afar. He transfers to Kojiro's school and is surprised by how much magnetite the girl Saki Yagami has. He also informs Kojiro that he let the demons out. He convinces his female classmates to come to where his lair is and having lesbian orgies, where they get possessed by Kobolds. He then sends them out to capture Saki for her magnetite, only for them to fail.

With the aid of the Kobolds he successfully manages to capture Saki the second time, and implants a parasite like demon inside of Mariko Kusumi and sends her to attack Takehiko Kuki and the monk. After bringing Saki to their lair he finds out about Gagyson's attempt to kill Kojiro, and is angered by this betrayal. Gagyson has him knocked out and abandoned after he served his purposes. In order to save Kojiro after he reincarnated as Masakado and was fighting Ose, he uses a spell that would revive Saki and reincarnate her into her true form Konohana Sakuya. Yosuke interrupts him and beats him up until Kyoko Shibusawa tells him to stop as Akito is trying to help.

Akito then sacrifices his own life and begs the Gods to take it so that Kojiro might live, reviving Konohana Sakuya. Akito then becomes a part of the Goddess and lives on as part of her and communicates with Kojiro alongside Saki in the ending.

In the manga, he is a first-year student in Kichijouji Seijou Gakuen's computer club and the reincarnation of the angel Shamshel


  • The name Akito means "chapter" (章) (aki) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Akito's surname Kobayashi means "small" (小) (ko) and "forest" (林) (hayashi/bayashi). 


Tokyo Revelation - Akito Manga
Akito as he appears in the manga
Tokyo Revelation - Akito Reincarnation
Akito as Shamshel
Tokyo Revelation - Child Akito
Akito as a child
Akito Wounded Tokyo Revelations
Akito wounded as he tries to reincarnate Saki.
Akito's hands glowing with magnetite
Akito after the plane explodes.
Akito and Konohana Sakuya Tokyo Revelation
Akito after becoming one with the Goddess.
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