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This article is about the character from Devil Children. For other uses, see Akira (disambiguation).

Akira is a character in the Devil Children series of games.



Akira is a very calm and collected child. He is smart, and prefers using his head to solve the problems he, or his friends, come across. He rarely lets his emotions get the better of him and always tries to rationalize a solution.


Akira is a DemiKid, with the ability to summon demons to assist him. He is friends with Jin, Lena, and Amy Kashihara. His demon partner is a Rox named Gale and is considered to be of the Chaos-Dark alignment in the manga.

DemiKids: Light/Dark Version[]

The protagonist of Dark Version. Part of a group that seeks to explore the unknown. After summoning a hostile demon in the library, he defeats it with Jin, Lena, and Amy, after Amy hands him a Demiloc. He learns from the demon that his world, Rem is in danger of being destroyed by Time Rifts. Akira goes on a journey concerning the time rifts, with his new demon partner Gale, and meets Forlo, a servant to the demon Lucifer. He then opens a gate for him to enter their realm called Dem, and eventually Valhalla, to find Time Chains to stop the Rifts. This draws him into a confrontation with the demon named Imperius. He is a major character in Light Version, being the counterpart to Jin, the version's protagonist. Akira is usually the last one to move to, or arrive at, the same location Jin is headed to, provided they both be present at the same time.

Devil Children: FireBook/Ice Book[]

Akira returns as the protagonist in Ice Book. After rejoining with his demon partner Gale, he sets off to find out who is behind the demons and angels fighting in the human world, causing Armageddon. He search eventually leads him to Makai, to find the one who is controlling the demons and to save Amy after she's been captured by the angel Isaac. In Fire Book, Akira is a major character appearing in the story as counterpart to that version's returning protagonist, Jin, who leaves for Tenkai instead.

Devil Children: Messiah Riser[]

Akira, along with Jin, returns as the titular protagonists in Messiah Riser. After a short time of peace, Amy's home village was attacked, claiming that a new and powerful demon has arisen and taken control of what was left of the Imperium's Forces. She tells them that there are special stones used by the "Legendary Messiah" that once sealed away the demon, and the two set off, alongside their demon partners, Gale (for Akira), and Rand (for Jin) to find the stones.

Devil Children: Puzzle de Call![]

Akira and Jin are not the protagonists this time around, instead, their demon partners, Gale and Rand take the stage after Jin and Akira fall into a portal to another world.

Devil Children: Light and Dark[]

The anime is a retelling of the Light and Dark version of the Devil Children games, with Jin and Akira, along with their demon partners Rand and Gale being the protagonists. After accidentally summoning a demon in the school, Jin and Akira travel to Valhalla along with their friend Lena, to help a young girl named Amy and stop the destruction of their home world. There they encounter demons under the control of a being named Imperius, who is terrorizing Valhalla. The two set off on a quest to save their world, and defeat Imperius.


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