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Akasaka Tunnel

Akasaka Tunnel is an important location in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.


Akasaka Tunnel is situated at one of the blockades of the Tokyo Lockdown. According to the information gathered by the protagonist, the tunnel is connected to an underground station of the Yamanote Line.

When the protagonists come to investigate the rumors, they find that demons have become able to use COMPs of their own, enabling them to multiply effectively. When they stop the demons from using the COMPs, Misaki Izuna and Fushimi appear and point their guns at them, saying that "[they've] found [their] targets".

Later on, Izuna leaks some information to the protagonists and confirms their doubts about the lockdown: that it was planned by the government to keep the demons from getting out. As the plot progresses, Izuna forms a contract with a Badb Catha and becomes able to summon demons. Afterwards, Izuna tells them about the final option that will be used on the lockdown: the UEM field, which when activated, uses electromagnetic waves to destroy everyone and everything inside the lockdown.

In Yuzu's ending, the protagonists attempt to escape through here, but decide not to because they did not want to confront Izuna.

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