Akari Torikiri, also known by her nickname Alice, is a character from the Climax Theater quest "School of the Heart" in the PSP release of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. She is the younger sister of Musubu Torikiri.



Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

Akari Torikiri was a student at St. Hermelin High School, who tended to the boar that served as the class pet. However, Akari was frequently bullied and was eventually driven to suicide. Her sister Musubu was unable to accept her death and grounded her spirit to the school by continuing to mourn for her year after year. Eventually, Musubu would try to have revenge on the school and used Akari's spirit to form both her own Parasite Persona and the site "Ambrosia". She gave the site to Naozumi Kariyazaki and his class, whose overuse of the site to gain their "ideal" selves caused Akari's malevolent side to grow. Noticing this, the spirit of the boar took her form and attempted to stop the class.

After Maya Amano and her party were thrown into the "Netherworld" by Kariyazaki for attempting to find out the truth behind Ambrosia, the benevolent part of Akari's spirit guided them through the Netherworld and, after they defeated the Parasite Persona infecting Lisa Silverman, allowed them to escape and told them not to return. However, Maya and her party confront Kariyazaki and are thrown into the Netherworld again, but fight their way out and confront him. After defeating Kariyazaki, the students, still infected with the Parasite Personas, summon Akari's spirit through their phones, which takes the form of the demon Persephone. After Maya's party defeat Persephone, the students come to their senses and freak out at the sight of the demon. The two halves of Akari's spirit begin to fight, bringing Persephone to a standstill and allowing Maya's party to escape and confront Musubu. After Musubu was convinced by Minato to accept Akari's death and let her pass on, she and Rose were able to move onto the afterlife.

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