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"The real Phantom Thieves... would never hurt me... The real Phantom Thieves... are my friends!"
—Shadow Akane before fighting the Phantom Thieves, Persona 5 Strikers

Akane's Joker is a boss in Persona 5 Strikers.



Akane's Joker, and the other Phantom Thieves, look like their respective normal counterparts in their Phantom Thief attire, but their color scheme is entirely black. They also have golden eyes and vivid red-orange hair (in Morgana's case, his scarf is red-orange instead).


Persona 5 Strikers

Akane's Joker is the cognitive version of the protagonist created by Shadow Akane Hasegawa to fight against the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Due to her paranoia, resentment and sense of betrayal she feels towards her idols, she believes her Joker and the cognitive versions of the Thieves she created are the real ones. She snaps out of it and calms down when they're defeated.

The protagonist is required to defeat this cognitive copy alone in order to advance to complete the Jail. Unlike most boss fights, due to the protagonist being the only available party member during that time, his defeat will result in an automatic game over.


  • HP is from the game's normal difficulty
  • Warning: Akane's Joker can execute any of these attacks in extremely quick succession and can follow up on the protagonist if he is Downed, allowing it to often combo and stunlock the protagonist to death. It also moves and attacks at the same speed as the protagonist himself. Take advantage of the ability to use healing items at any time, even while Downed, and outlast the devastating combo attacks.
  • Rakukaja can help prevent the stunlocking, however it will not help interrupt their combos.
  • When Akane's Joker is not in the middle of an attack, it has a tendency to dodge attacks, though it seemingly has a hard time doing so for Persona skills.
  • Two times during the battle, the protagonist and Akane's Joker will lock blades in a standoff. Simply press the attack button 20 times to not only win the standoff and deal major damage, but also instantly stagger Akane's Joker, leaving an opportunity for a 1 More follow-up attack.
  • Akane's Joker is vulnerable to Technical damage. A few scooters parked in the boss room can inflict Burn on it if they are destroyed, allowing Wind or Nuclear Technical damage, which is invaluable as Akane's Joker has no weaknesses.

Arcana Level HP Stagger Gauge
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
- ?? 7200
EXP Yen Battle Drop Negotiation Items
- - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Slash Attack Attacks Joker with its knife.
Gun Shot Attacks Joker with its revolver.
Spinning Move Spins on one of the red lantern posts inside the boss room.
May counter with its Gun if Joker is far away enough.



  • Akane's Joker is the only major boss in Strikers that is not available for rematch via one of Lavenza's quests.
  • Akane's Joker is the only major boss in the game with no weaknesses.

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