Ahazuya Mikado is a character from Shin Megami Tensei IV.



Shin Megami Tensei IV

Ahazuya Mikado is the King of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado and rules from the capital, Mikado Castle. He gives a royal decree to Abbott Hugo for the Samurai to go to the Unclean Ones' country and capture the Black Samurai. Some of the armor found in Mikado is named after him.

Between the rescue of the three men from Kagome Tower and returning from the encounter with Tayama, Gabriel removed the masks Uriel, Michael and Raphael had been fitted with by Mastema to render them ineffectual. With the power of the Archangels full again, the four overthrew the king and propped the Monastery as their mouthpieces to assert control over Mikado. The king and his court were left off to escape through Naraku, eventually reaching Tokyo.

Following his dethronement and exile by the four Archangels, he vowed revenge against God, though he was killed by angels and his corpse was possessed by Baal, who he had prayed to after reading of him as defiance to God. He ventured to Tokyo's Tennozu region, becoming the Red Knight, and demanding sacrifices to give himself physical form. In the Challenge Quest Mysterious Story of Tennozu, the Red Knight and Baal are defeated by Flynn and the former escapes.

In the second quest Rebirth of an Overlord Flynn encounters the Red Knight again in the same building and he reveals himself to be Ahazuya of Mikado. He states he has been driven from his former station and now hides among the Unclean Ones, seeking power to defeat the Angels. He commands that if Flynn truly is a Samurai then he should submit to him. Regardless of his choice, Ahazuya plans to sacrifice him and attacks. Upon being defeated, his armor falls apart, revealing only the king's head was inside it.

Baal speaks from the head and tells that this is Ahazuya's second death, and that Ahazuya prayed to him for help in his final moments after being betrayed by the God he believed in. He then possessed his corpse in order to help Ahazuya achieve his vengeance against God. Upon Beelzebub's defeat Flynn can give his head a proper burial or leave it.


Ahaziah is the Hebrew meaning "held by God" while its biblical meaning is "vision of the Lord".

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