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Agares (アガレス, Agaresu) is a recurring demon in the series.


Agares is the second spirit of the Goetia, the Duke of the eastern realm of Hell. Depicted as an old man riding a crocodile with a hawk on his fist, Agares commands 31 legions of demons, and has the power to cause earthquakes and cause runaways to stop and return to their place. He was of the order of Virtues.



Devils Survivor

Level Race HP MP ST MA VI AG
55 Fallen 464 179 20 16 17 18
Racial/Auto Skill DeSu2 Physical Icon.png Phys DeSu2 Fire Icon.png Fire DeSu2 Ice Icon.png Ice DeSu2 Elec Icon.png Elec DeSu2 Force Icon.png Force Curse DESU2.png Mystic
Command Skills
Gigajama Tetrakarn None
Passive Skills
Phys Drain None None
"You are no ordinary human to call upon the Fallen Agares. Very well. Take my power."
"Hrm... Sounds good to me. This body was getting old, anyway. I await the next one."


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