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This article is about the mechanic. For more uses, see Element (disambiguation) or Affinity (disambiguation).

Elements, their Affinities (相性, Aishō)?, or Weaknesses, are properties for each individual character in battle.


Each character can have a weakness (弱点, Jakuten)? (read on the affinity chart as "Wk" (弱, Jaku)?) or resistance (耐性, Taishi)? ("Rs" (耐, Tai)?)to any element. Their affinity to that determines the damage they'll take from offensive skills of the same element. For example, if the target is weak against Fire, the damage of attacks from that element will be increased, and if the target is resistant, the damage will be lowered. Outside of a select few instances, Skills can be of only 1 element.

Additionally, the user can have a different type of resistance against attacks from certain elements:

  • If the target blocks or nulls (無効, Mukō)? that affinity, they will receive zero damage. On the affinity chart, it is read as "Nu" (無, Mu)?.
  • If the target repels (反射, Hansha)? that affinity, the attack will not just be blocked, but sent back to the attacker. The attack sent back has the same element and power as the original attack and cannot be evaded. It calculates the damage according to both the attacker's own related attack and defense stats, and buffs, such as Tarukaja and Charge, are put into consideration. Secondary debuffs and ailments that come from these attacks are also reflected back at the attacker. However, the repelled attack cannot miss and can never land Critical hits. On the affinity chart, it is read as "Rp" (反, Han)?.
    • If the repelled element is also repelled by the one who used that attack, it will become a standard block.
    • In Shin Megami Tensei V, repelled attacks ignore the attacker's resistances, piercing through them.
  • If the target drains (吸収, Kyūshū)? that affinity, the attack's damage will be converted into HP recovery. On the affinity chart, it is read as "Dr" (吸, Kyū)?.

Physical attacks can have similar affinities as well, and can also be resisted. Additionally, they can be categorized into multiple sub-types, just like how Magic skills are split into multiple elements.

In the Shin Megami Tensei series, demons also have affinities towards specific ailments, and the success rates of these ailments depends on their affinities.

Almighty is a special element, as it is not an elemental affinity, but only a skill type. Hence, skills of that type will always hit, although they cannot exploit weaknesses.

Standard elements from the Shin Megami Tensei series

The icons here come from Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2, but otherwise apply to most other mainline Shin Megami Tensei games or its spinoffs.

SMT Dx2 Physical Skill Icon.pngPhys
SMT Dx2 Fire Skill Icon.pngFire SMT Dx2 Ice Skill Icon.pngIce
SMT Dx2 Electricity Skill Icon.pngElec SMT Dx2 Force Skill Icon.pngForce
SMT Dx2 Light Skill Icon.pngLight SMT Dx2 Dark Skill Icon.pngDark
SMT Dx2 Almighty Skill Icon.pngAlmighty

Shin Megami Tensei V

In Shin Megami Tensei V, resistances halve the damage the user takes. They also prevent them from being struck with Critical hits, but the effects of Omagatoki: Critical bypass that.

Megami Ibunroku Persona

In Megami Ibunroku Persona, both physical and magical attributes are split in multiple categories, as each type of weapon and firearm is considered its own element.

Tech, Rush, Special Physical, and Anti-Boss all share the same icon, but each is considered a different element. Furthermore, the first three are physical and the latter is magic.

Non-elemental magic is exclusive to bosses. It's possible to hack those skills into a Persona, but the game will crash if the player attempts to use one of them. Those skills use the same icon as fire skills, likely as a placeholder.

Physical Weapon Sword Icon IS.png1-hand Sword Two Hand Icon P1.png2-hand Sword Spear Icon P1.pngSpear Axe Icon P1.pngAxe
Whip Icon P1.pngWhip Thrown Icon IS.pngThrow Arrow Icon P1.pngArrow Strike Icon IS.pngFist
Firearm Ranged2 Icon IS.pngHandgun Machinegun Icon P1.pngMachinegun Shotgun Icon P1.pngShotgun Rifle Icon P1.pngRifle
Other Physical Icon IS.pngTech Physical Icon IS.pngRush Physical Icon IS.pngSpecial
Magic Element Fire Icon IS.pngFire Ice Icon IS.pngIce Wind Icon IS.pngWind Earth Icon IS.pngEarth
Force Elec Icon IS.pngElectric Nuclear Icon P1.pngNuclear Blast Icon P1.pngBlast Gravity Icon P1.pngGravity
Light Expel Icon P1.pngExpel Heal Icon IS.pngMiracle Heal Icon IS.pngBless Occult Icon P1.pngPrayer
Dark Death Icon IS.pngDeath Ailment Icon IS.pngCurse Ailment Icon IS.pngNerve Occult Icon P1.pngOccult
Other Other Icon P1.pngAssist Physical Icon IS.pngAnti-Boss Fire Icon IS.pngNon-elemental

Persona 3 / FES / Portable

In Persona 3, the Physical attacks are split into 3 types: Strike, Slash and Pierce.

Strike Icon P3P.pngStrike Slash Icon P3P.pngSlash Pierce Icon P3P.pngPierce
Fire Icon P3P.pngFire Ice Icon P3P.pngIce Elec Icon P3P.pngElec
Wind Icon P3P.pngWind Light Icon P3P.pngLight Dark Icon P3P.pngDarkness

The melee weapons are assigned to deal one of the three respective Physical damage types:

Weapons For Affinity
One-Handed Swords Male protagonist
Mitsuru Kirijo
Naginatas Female protagonist
Two-Handed Swords Male protagonist (P3 / F only)
Junpei Iori
Knives Koromaru
Fists Akihiko Sanada Strike
Bludgeons Male protagonist (P3 / F only)
Shinjiro Aragaki
Spears Ken Amada Pierce
Bows Yukari Takeba
Guns Aigis

Persona 4 / Golden

Unlike Persona 3, Persona 4 merges all Physical attacks into 1 element.

Physical Icon P4.pngPhys
Fire Ice
Elec Wind
Light Darkness
Almighty Icon P4.jpgAlmighty

Persona 5 / Royal / Strikers

Persona 5 reintroduces Gun, Psy and Nuke after Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Melee Icon P5.pngPhys Ranged Icon P5.pngGun
Fire Icon P5.pngFire Ice Icon P5.pngIce
Elec Icon P5.pngElec Wind Icon P5.pngWind
Psy Icon P5.pngPsy Nuclear Icon P5.pngNuke
Light Icon P5.pngBless Dark Icon P5.pngCurse
Almighty Icon P5.pngAlmighty

Exploiting Weaknesses

If the target has their weakness exploited, they will be Downed in the process, unless they guard. Striking enemies' weaknesses in such a manner is a major method in generating Hold Ups and All-Out Attacks.

If an attack's element is Resisted by the target, it will deal x0.5 damage. If the target is Weak towards that element, the attack will deal x1.4 damage. If the difficulty is set to Merciless, the damage from exploiting weak points will also be tripled in comparison to the normal damage an exploitative attack would deal.

In Persona 5 Royal are Traits that affect the damage received in exploiting weaknesses. If the Persona has "Relentless", the user's attack will be boosted by 50% when they're exploiting a weakness, but it only applies to single-target attacks. Additionally, "Crisis Control" reduces the damage the user takes when their own weakness is exploited.

Modifiers Based on Elements

This section covers information on additional modifiers whose influence is dictated depending on the related elements, separate from exploiting an enemy's weakness.

There is a type of Passive skills that boost the attack power of the user's skills of a certain element. For example, Fire Boost and Fire Amp both boost the power of Fire skills by x1.25 and x1.50 respectively. If they're stacked together, their power will be multiplied to x1.875.

In Persona 5 Royal, there are also several Traits that influence the user's SP cost of certain elements, such as "Heated Bloodline," which decreases the cost of Fire Skills by 50%, and Drunken Passion, which instead lowers it by 75%.

There is a set of Passive skills that boost the user's evasion rate against specific elements, such as Dodge Phys and Evade Phys. Party members learn the Evade equivalent of their weak element when their Persona experiences a Second Awakening upon maxing their Confidant.

The elements of the skills play a major role in generating Technical damage. If the target is inflicted with a status ailment, attacks from certain elements will deal additional damage, and in Persona 5 Royal, has the innate chance of downing enemies as well.

Modifying Elemental Affinities

This section covers information on directly nullifying and generating resistances and weaknesses.

There are certain types of Passive skills affect the user's affinity against certain elements (sans Gun skills), even if indirectly: for instance, Resist Phys, Null Phys, Repel Phys and Drain Phys tweak the user's affinities against Physical accordingly. Personas can learn such skills that protect their weaknesses when put in Lockdown, a facility in the Velvet Room which is unlocked by reaching Rank 3 in Caroline & Justine's Confidant.

Weaknesses can also be protected via shields, such as Fire Wall, which reduces damage and covers their innate weakness to the related element, although it only lasts for 3 turns.

In Persona 5 Royal, there is a special set of skills, Brush of Vanity and Bleeding Dry Brush, which have the passive effect of nullifying the user's weaknesses. These can only be obtained by finding all 3 Will Seeds in Madarame's Palace and equipping the Crystal of Vanity that they produce.

There are several status conditions that negatively influence the targets' affinities. If the user is painted over, they'll become weak against any skill, and in Persona 5 Royal only, if the user is Frozen, their resistance to Physical and Gun skills will be nullified, although this doesn't apply to Repelling or Draining.

Certain Support skills are also able to nullify elemental resistances, albeit temporarily, such as Fire Break. Party members are able to learn these passive skills respective to their prime element.

Shinya Oda's Rank 10 Confidant ability, Oda Special, allows the protagonist to ignore Gun resistances when using Gun attacks.

Devil Survivor Series

Devil Survivor renames all Curse skills to Mystic Skills.

FireIcon.pngFire IceIcon.pngIce
ElecIcon.pngElec WindIcon.pngForce
Curse DESU2.pngMystic AlmightyIcon.pngAlmighty

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, the Physical attacks are split into 4 types: Sword, Lance, Axe and Bow. Additionally, physical ailment skills and offensive Dark spells have combined into one affinity called Body, and mental ailments and offensive Light spells have combined into an affinity called Mind.

TMS Sword Icon.pngSword TMS Lance Icon.pngLance
TMSFE Axe icon.pngAxe TMS Bow Icon.pngBow
TMS Fire Icon.pngFire TMS Ice Icon.pngIce
TMS Electricity Icon.pngElec TMS Force Icon.pngForce
TMS Light Icon.pngMind TMS Dark Icon.pngBody
TMS Almighty Icon.pngAlmighty


The terminology of the subject. Generally, the subject may simply be referred to as "weakness(es)."

In Shin Megami Tensei V, they are generally referred to as "affinities," but the description of Archangel's Essence in Cadaver's Hollow instead names them as "elements."

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