Adil (アディル, Adiru) is a minor character from Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2.



Because of fellow Lokapala and leader Roland's alcoholism, Adil is the de facto leader of the Lokapala until Roland sobers up. It can be speculated that he also cares for Fred when Roland is not sober enough to do so.

Regardless, he seems to trust and help Roland in his tasks as leader. He attends the meeting with the Embryon members, staying in the background but immediately reaching for his gun when Argilla shows signs of anger. He also, despite expressing hate and disgust toward Tuners, continues to follow Roland loyally once the latter has infected himself and acquired both the Lightning Bolt Atma and Indra.

He is killed by Meganada during the joint attack on the Power Plant by Lokapala and the Embryon.


  • The name Adil (عادل) is from the Arabic word for fairness and justice Adl (عدل) and suggest that this character is of Arabic descent.
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