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An Abscess in Shin Megami Tensei V.

Abscesses (マガツカ, Magatsuka)? are locations in Shin Megami Tensei V.


Abscesses serve as obstacles in Da'at. Abscesses enshroud a very wide region of the map with a purple miasma, making it difficult to read and navigate, as well as obscure many icons within, such as Treasure Chests or Amalgams. By approaching the Abscess and slashing it or walking into it, the party will have to battle a set of unrecruitable enemies.

Once these demons are defeated, the respective abscess they are tied to will be destroyed in turn. Not only may a new path be opened and the part of the map it obscured will be visible, Magatsuhi can be obtained and new Miracles are unlocked for purchase within the World of Shadows.

While very close to the vicinity of Abscesses, various powerful enemies will be spawned within to prevent approach. They cannot be talked to due to the aura emitted by the Abscess.

List of Abscesses[]


Sub-area Enemies Miracles
Mita Mandrake x3 Art of Essences I
Divine Garrison I
Divine Proficiency I
Demon Proficiency I
Recover Mastery I
Support Mastery I
Hamamatsucho Mermaid x1 Divine Garrison II
Divine Amalgamation
Light Mastery I
Dark Mastery I
Ailment Mastery I
Shiba Park Sudama x2 Magatsuhi Wellspring
Vengeful Opportunist
Fell Swoop
Counter Incentive: Resist
Counter Incentive: Null
Divine Garrison III
Onarimon Leanan Sidhe x3 Kindred Favor
Art of Essences II
Summoner's Hospitality I
Divine Garrison IV
West Shinbashi Ippon-Datara x1 Unyielding Will
Deathly Aura I
Unforgotten Memories
Toranomon Shiisaa x2 Warrior's Conception
Skill Manifestation
Almighty Mastery I
Physical Mastery I


Sub-area Enemies Miracles
Tennozu Jack Frost x2 Knowledge of Tools
Demonic Discipline
Fire Mastery II
Ice Mastery II
Electric Mastery II
Force Mastery II
Container Yard Makami x2
Feng Huang x2
Magatsuhi Dispersion
Merchant's Hospitality
Deathly Aura II
Divine Garrison V
Konan 4th Block Basilisk Demon Proficiency II
Divine Proficiency II
Recover Mastery II
Support Mastery II
Ailment Mastery II
Konan 2nd Block Baphomet x3 Invigorating Defense
Divine Garrison VI
Light Mastery II
Dark Mastery II
North Shinagawa Thoth Race Transcendence
Constant Vigilance
Healer's Hospitality I
Empowering Cheer II


Sub-area Enemies Miracles
Miyuki Street Naga Raja Pacification
Demon Proficiency III
Divine Proficiency III
Almighty Mastery II
Physical Mastery II
Yurakucho Mishaguji
Articulate Discource
Fire Mastery III
Ice Mastery III
Electric Mastery III
Force Mastery III
Nihonbashi Kaiwan x4 Divine Garrison VII
Light Mastery III
Dark Mastery III
Ailment Mastery III
Kanda Hanuman
Enhanced Summon
Summoner's Hospitality II
Prayer of Agility
Prayer of Luck
Sotokanda Cu Chulainn
Deathly Aura III
Art of Intervention
Almighty Mastery III
Physical Mastery III
Akihabara Silky
Divine Garrison VIII
Light Mastery IV
Dark Mastery IV
Ailment Mastery IV
Otemachi Yurlungur Prayer of Vitality
Fire Mastery IV
Ice Mastery IV
Electric Mastery IV
Force Mastery IV


Sub-area Enemies Miracles
Shinobazu Pond Skadi
Prayer of Strength
Prayer of Miracles
Light Mastery V
Dark Mastery V
Ailment Mastery V
Ueno Park Scathach
Divine Garrison IX
Fire Mastery V
Ice Mastery V
Electric Mastery V
Force Mastery V
Kuramae Yatagarasu
Inspiring Covenant
Healer's Hospitality II
Almighty Mastery IV
Physical Mastery IV
Motoasakusa Pixie
Skillful Conversion
Summoner's Hospitality III
Azumabashi Yamata no Orochi Demon Proficency IV
Divine Proficiency IV
Almighty Mastery V
Physical Mastery V
Asakusa Rangda Art of Essences III
Merchant's Hospitality II
Recover Mastery III
Support Mastery III

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