"A Lone Prayer" is the regular battle theme in Persona. It is a song composed by Shoji Meguro and sung by Yumi Kawamura. This song is the ninth track in the first disc of the Persona Original Soundtrack.


Lived with buried memory
With fear-ridden self-consciousness
I'm just a lone prayer

Keep running on the cold track
The hate-crazed thoughts just don't stop
As if a dream Awake from the dark
The world deletes all I said to you

Overwrite this pain tearing me apart
融けていく (toke te iku) [Melt away]
Frozen mind
Ray of light
Ready for a trip to nowhere

Overwrite this pain tearing me apart
安らいだ (Yasurai da) [I'm relieved]
My last pray with no aim
My last...let me feel alive