Official artwork from Devil Children (PS).

A Bao A Qu (ア・バオア・クー, A Baoa Kū)? is a demon in the series.


A Bao A Qu is a Malay myth described in Jorge Luis Borges's 1967 "Book of Imaginary Beings", who claimed to have found it in a book on Malay witchcraft. His skin is fuzzy like the skin of a peach and his color goes from transparent to bright blue.

He lives on the 1st step of the Tower Of Victory in Chitor. The tower consists of many spiraling steps, in which one could see the most beautiful scenery in the entire world. He waits for a man brave enough to climb the tower by sleeping in the form of a translucent blob. He shall awaken from his slumber when someone arrives. When a climber gets to the top he shall achieve Nirvana, all the while followed by A Bao A Qu. A majority of the time the climber won't reach the top and he will become transparent and descend to the tower's bottom to become dormant once again. He will start crying so softly that it sounds like the rustling of silk.



Megami TenseiEdit

A Bao A Qu Megami Tensei
Race Level HP EXP Macca MAG
Foul 26 80 33 69 32
Strength Intelligence Hit Agility Defense Location
11 8 13 17 12 Mazurka Corridor

Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

Megami TenseiEdit

A Bao A Qu Kyuyaku Megami Tensei
Foul 26 120 - 9 7 9 16 6 13
CP NOA EXP Macca MAG Location
- 1 26 130 104 Mazurka
Swd Gun Fir Ice Elc Exp For Bnd Crs Nrv Mnd
- 28 1.5× 48 48 68 68 Nu Nu 18 78

Devil Children Black Book & Red Book (PS)Edit

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Elite Moon Akuma 40 435 185 698
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
36 35 37 36 34 33
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Mudoon Moon 20 MP Heavy damage to one foe.
Makarakarn Sun 12 MP Reflects all magic for one turn (self).
Makafuji Moon 6 MP Inflicts Mute on one foe.
Dark Flame Fire 32 HP Medium damage to one foe.
Death Breath Moon 30 HP Heavy damage to all foes. Inflicts Charm.
Guillotine Blade Moon 15 HP Light damage to one foe. Inflicts Charm.
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