Катакана シエロ
Ромадзи Shiero
Первое появление Digital Devil Saga
Племя Эмбрион
Огнестрельное оружие Пулемёт
Атма Аватар Дьяус
Атма Клеймо Радуга
Расположение Клейма Правая нога
Сейю Хироаки Миура
Английский дублёр Дэйв Виттенберг

Сиэло - один из основных персонажей дилогии Digital Devil Saga.


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В начале игры, Сиэло был "пойман" Lokapala, and used as a bargaining chip for the Embryon's tribe. Later, he rejoins the party with Roland.

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In Persona 3, there exists a soft drink called Cielo Mist. The item's description notes that it is a beverage from Jamaica, referencing Cielo's Jamaican accent in the English voice over for the Digital Devil Saga series.


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  • "Who decided you had to devour to survive, eh bro? Dese people aren't eating people, but it's still life, isn't it? Plants are okay? So if you're eating a different kind of life, that makes it okay?"
    • in the Underground City, after the first encounter with Jenna Angel


Cielo and Dyaus
Cielo and Dyaus


His name is Spanish for 'sky' or 'heaven' no doubt in reference to Dyaus being the only playable character with actual flight abilities.